Project RighTE

Practical learning is always considered as the best way of learning. Learning through reading and hearing advances by seeing and experiencing. Travel is the best way to see and experience more. More exposure gives you more opportunities to grow. Problem Solving, Planning, Leadership, Self – Confidence, Networking, Time Management – the best way to make practical use and improve all these skills is travelling. It’s like an endless university.

RighTE – Right to Travel and Education. Inorder to protect the rights to education and freedom of movement, YESTE is conducting an All-Kerala campaign among the school students. An awareness competition will be held with the participation of students from all classes, all schools and all districts of Kerala. The project starts with 2 drive campaigns in August 2019. For spreading the message, YESTE will be conducting an International drive from Cochin to Russia / London, crossing countries like Nepal, Tibet, China etc by road. The 2nd drive will be an All-Kerala drive with focus on schools and students. The aim is to reach out to each of the school going students of Kerala with the message.