YESTE is registered as a Charitable Trust with the Government of Kerala, India. Through the multi-faceted social projects of YESTE, we aim at supporting three categories of the society – Support the underprivileged as the main beneficiaries of the projects, assist corporates and public to utilize their Social Responsibility funds effectively, and finally create a platform for the youth to develop their life-skills through the practical ways of volunteering.

The trustees of YESTE charitable trust are Mr. K M Mani and Mrs. Mercy K P. The individual support given to students for many years resulted in the thought of forming an NGO in the minds of Mrs & Mr. Mani. They have decided to keep a portion of their income for the underprivileged. The focus was set on education and skill development once Mr. Jomet Mani took the role of Director of Operations.

K M Mani – Managing Trustee

Mr. K M Mani was born as the second child of Mr. Koottumkal Mathen. He is one among the large number of people who couldn’t complete their education due to financial constraints in the mid-20th century. He remembers the day he stopped going school, as his last piece of shirt was torn. However, unlike most of the other people, he always kept that spark in mind. Later in his life, he became a self-employee and tried best to provide the best education for his children. When his children completed their studies and started earning, Mr. Mani started supporting unprivileged students in the local area for education. He always wanted his children to spare a part of their income to support underprivileged children for their education. Its been almost 12 years since Mr. Mani and his wife Mrs. Mercy supporting students.

Jomet Mani - Director of Operations

Armed with degrees in Social Work and Management from Bangalore University and Mahatma Gandhi University, India, Jomet Mani has worked in various projects in different fields spanning counselling, welfare work, skill development, placements, marketing and business promotions. He has over six years of experience in Psychiatric Social work in India and Australia.

Having started his career as a Manager, Healthcare Staffing Solutions in Australia, he has worked his way up the ladder with positions as Clinical Placement Coordinator & Business Promotions Officer, IHNA Australia and Relationship Manager at EduSystems Australia Pty Ltd. He has also worked as a Project Leader at Health Careers Investments Pty Ltd and Marketing Manager at Maxworth International Pty Ltd, Australia.

Jomet’s special interest lies in organising travel and work programs that offer international work experiences. While travelling through many different countries, he has been able to soak in different cultures and experience the flavour of different lifestyles. He has worked in UK as a voluntary worker with the International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) and has had experience as a summer camp counsellor in YMCA Camp, Warren when he was with CCUSA, USA.

Jomet is a visionary who is passionate about making a difference in the Youth exchange programs in India.